LIVE! EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT! (5/2015-5/2016)

Charles River Variety

CRV, May 2015-May 2016, a noble experiment.

A flying nacho platter of adventure, Charles River Variety has reached its inevitable, but fitting conclusion. As we bend like reeds into the inexorable current of time, the spirit of the show lives on in the spaces out of time, in memory, in dusty web servers, in your heart.

A savory, burrito-like confluence of music, comedy, and je ne sais quois wrapped up in a warm, corn flour tortilla of neo-vaudeville gaiety, available fresh every Friday night of spring 2016!

Listen in every week:

  • 88.1 FM WMBR in the greater Boston/Cambridge area
  • Streaming online and temporarily archived at
  • Always available on ourĀ Soundcloud
  • Coming soon to iTunes!