Playlist of the Week! Friday, June 12, 2015

Moses Supposes
Put on your opera glasses, your opera pearls, your opera tuxes, and give us a whirl.

Check out what went out over the airwaves and learn more about the artists featured. A link to our Soundcloud is above.

  • Time | Performer [Composer] | Song | Album [Format] | Misc Info {NEW: New Release, Orig: Original, Ep: Episode, Imprv: Improvisation, Jam: Jam, (_): Label}

MOGO!: An Episode
By Eli Roberts
Performed by
Eli Roberts, Narrator/Guitar/Mandolin // Caitlin Gjerdrum, Clara/Socks Lady
Asa Spring, Moses/Mog // Nick Kelly, Chemist // Ben Higginbotham, Harmonium
Grace Laminack, Viola // Patrick McGuire, Cello // David Angelo, Clarinet
Gabriela Gomez Estevez, Flute // Garrett Wallace, Tenor Sax


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