Playlist of the Week! Friday, March 4, 2016

The Filmed Show

Revel in the past and listen to the archive on our Soundcloud!

  • Time | Artist | Song | Album [Format] | Misc Info {NEW: New Release, Orig: Original, Ep: Episode, Imprv: Improvisation, Jam: Jam, (_): Label}

MOGO – A musical episode by Eli Roberts with Asa as Moses the VIII/MOG, Caitlin as Clara/the Socks Lady, Dana as the Chemist/the Lunatic and playingcajon, Eli on guitar and mandolin, Steve on cello, Brandon on flute/sax, Lauren on clarinet, Cathleen and Quentin filming.

THE GROCERY STORE IS IN THE BACK A play by Natalia Guerrero Debut Cast: Taylor, Caitlin Gjerdrum Theodore, Asa Spring Ned, Bailey Hein Gina, Natalia Guerrero with sound effects by Steve Goodwin


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